Monday, March 22, 2004

Something tells me I need an alarm clock to keep updating this!

Well since more of my friends (here, and here) are doing blogs - I decided to try and get back into writing this.

Not that I think many people actually READ it - but then I don't LINK to it anywhere - might be worth actually putting some content IN if I'm going to link to it!

Well - judging by my last post its been a couple of months since I updated this. Here's what I've been up to since then:

  • Quit SWG - money was getting to me and I didn't feel like I could afford the expense of 2 accounts so I quit.

  • Cancelled XBox Live - the free 2 months was nice and all but I wasnt prepared to pay for a service I (a) hardly used, and (b) didn't offer that much of a service
    for me to start with!

  • Started playing DAoC Europe with some old friends from back home in the good ol' UK - they have a spare account which they are letting me co-habit on so I'm getting to play free - enjoying it for the most part so far - I have a level 20 Reaver I've levelled up from scratch which I'm doing well with!

  • A few days ago I found out SOE were re-activating all cancelled accounts on EQ which were in good standing until April 15th - which is basically a full month free - I found the combination of EQ and free too hard to resist - so I am now on the BristleBane server after the recommendation of my buddy Darniaq - and I have a level 10 Bard there! Enjoying it so far but its tough going really :)

Thats pretty much it really - still posting to's forums and mostly back in lurker mode on WaterThread - less likely to get flamed on Grimwell really :)

Well - I shall try and keep this updated more often!


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