Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Living in the Office...

.....But addicted to Achievements!!

I'm working a LOT of overtime at the moment, which has limited my free time for playing, and also for writing in this blog - a great time to re-start it, eh!

Having said that, though - this past weekend I got a LOT of WoW time in - mostly going crazy working on the Hallow's End seasonal event. I was previously not really into doing the 'fluff' events in the game - to me it just wasn't rewarding, and I focused more on the 'core' activities of the game, such as raiding and pvp. This ALL changed when the Achievements system came in with patch 3.0.2. I found out it was a BLAST having a directed experience on these events, and whilst I missed out on the title this year (Damn Tooth pick achievement!), I'll get it next year - and I'll be much better prepared (and start earlier!) on the next seasonal event, Winter Veil - wish me luck!