Thursday, March 25, 2004

The Heroism of a City full of Heroes

On a recently, rather long thread on Grimwell, the conversation recently turned towards the nature of Heroism in MMOGs. Something I hadn't really thought about all THAT much before was that there really isnt THAT much Heroism in your standard Hack and Slash MMOGs out there - the game mechanics are biased against Heroic attacks in general (You generally don't even THINK about taking on something higher con than you). From some of the things that were said on there, City of Heroes promises to offer a VERY different experience - in that your average hero can feel confident in jumping into the fray and taking on multiple, even opponents with a good change of winning - just the kind of thing a Comic Book Hero would do! Haven't really paid THAT close attention to CoH over the time its been in development - mostly because I have been a comic book fan in my time and I wasnt sure how 'pure' it would stick to the feel of a comic book - EQ with Super Heroes would quite frankly SUCK. I may just have to pay some more attention now - as its getting released in a month!

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