Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My ever-changing game habits

Well things have changed a little since my last posting-flurry in December - I have now quit DAoC - I wasn't playing it much so I didn't want to pay for it - thus ending probably one of my longest Subscriptions to a MMOG yet (18ish months). Oh well - I miss my level 50 on there but not that much - and its not as if I can't get him back whenever I want!
I also cancelled FFXI - the game just didn't hook me like it did a few of my friends...

For a while there I was mainly playing offline games with a little SWG mixed in - I got sucked into Knights of the Old Republic - which I just finished a couple of nights ago - VERY entertaining. I also got my XBox hooked up to XBox live - the jury is still out on that - I think it has some neat features implemented in Project Gotham Racing 2 - just not sure if I'm going to be willing to fork out the cash for a subscription after the 2 month free period is over.

Pretty recently I've gotten back into SWG more seriously, and a week ago I decided to get EVE, based on a long serious of posts on Waterthread. I'll be posting about my initial experiences on that later :)

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