Thursday, April 01, 2004

Random thoughts on game demos

Well I had some time to kill a couple of nights ago so I started off some demos downloaded from fileplanet - One for Sacred, which is the latest attempt to advance the Diablo-style Action RPG, and the demo for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - a highly anticipated (and just released) sequel to a pretty big hit.

Sacred was OK - it had a few neat features on top of the hack n slash of Diablo 2, in that you could create combos of attacks to bind to your left/right mouse button, and the characters seemed pretty original too. It has a largely freeform world which you can wander around and do quests until you feel like advancing the plot further. I doubt I will buy it though - I'm pretty much done with Diablo etc - they're just not my idea of fun anymore!

Pandora Tomorrow
This demo was pretty good FUN! I tried the original Splinter Cell demo but it didnt seem to work right on my system so I gave up on it. The demo level is set on a train where you have to rescue another agent-type from some goons - lots of stealth-em-up involved as if you get spotted by the bad guys the mission is over! The graphics and visuals were absolutely excellent - at one point I was hanging onto the outside rail of the train when another train came rushing past going the other direction - was very impressive! I still haven't finished the demo as it is a little tough but I'll get back to it! Don't think I'll buy this either but then I hardly buy games anymore anyway!


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