Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Dave 'Mahrin Skel' Rickey leaving Wish

This was posted on Wish's main site a couple of weeks ago.

My interest in this game pretty much started when Dave signed on - I have followed his work since his DAoC days - his column on
Skotos was always a really good read, as was his blog (I've forgotten the URL for it).

He had a bunch of good ideas that he was going to integrate into Wish - not the least of which was one that interests me greatly - that of being able to cater to casual gamers better than the usual treadmill does (The short of it was to have Wish as a Skill-based game and let players be able to develop their character to the top of individual Skills in the space of a few weeks - the powergamers would have many skills maxed but the casuals could still be competitive in certain areas). I'm not sure how much of what he was designing will make it into the game - but judging from what little has been said about the beta - next to none of it had been implemented at that stage - and I'm not sure if they will use ANY of it. I'm not really interested in Wish anymore - so hence its off my list of Games...Oh well!

*Edit Jan 14 10:30 PM* I just got accepted into the Wish Beta - downloading the client now - From said reasons above I'm not expecting a whole bunch from it - but it'll certainly give more writing material for here!

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