Friday, December 12, 2003


Read an interesting Developer Diary entry today on GameSpy - for Ultima X:Odyssey (AKA UXO).
The combat system sounds very interesting - it had perked my interest before with some of the earlier descriptions that they were planning, but the latest development (That of making combat in a MMOG more akin to a Fighting Game in that you control when you swing etc) sounds like it will definitely be worth checking out.

With a couple of caveats, of course:

  • Don't make the game too 'twitch' based - this is supposed to be an RPG, not a Fighting Game! Make it so player skill isn't the be-all and end-all.
  • Don't make it TOO much of a click-fest - I tried out a demo of the latest Lord Of The Rings game on the PC not long ago and it WASN'T good for Carpal Tunnel - the constant clicking to swing!

Besides that - I'm adding UXO to my 'Ones to Watch' list - could be a good Casual playing game!

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